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Welcome to the Poultry Information Center Database BETA. The Poultry  Information Center is designed to be a useful resource for people researching on Poultry Breeds, purchasing a breed, etc. If you are seeking information on a certain breed, check out the "Breeds list". The Information Center also has other useful articles about raising chickens and more, check out "KB Articles".

The Knowledge Base Articles (KB Articles) is a great place to start learning about Poultry if you aren't sure where to start, and no matter how long you've been raising chickens, from 1 day to 50 years, this is the best place to be to start learning and gain more useful information. We also suggest you take a look at the Poultry FAQs section too for some of the most frequently asked questions.

All Articles in the Poultry Information Center has a comment system, however, comment system cannot be used for asking questions. Comment system is for sharing additional info you may have learned, or to simply comment on the article only. If you have any questions related to the article, we suggest you make a post in the forums instead, where there is 100s of member who can help answer your questions.

If you are looking for information related to Poultry Breeds, click the "A-Z Breed List" tab above. If you are looking for other articles related to Poultry, choose the "KB Articles" tab.

If you would like to contribute to the Poultry Information Center in any way, choose the "Contribute" tab. Contributing can include:
-Writing an article on a breed not yet listed in our "A-Z list"
-Writing an article for the Knowledge Base (KB). KB Articles can be related to anything Poultry Related, including Breeding, Incubating, Feeding, Buy/Sell, Bio-Security, etc.

Thanks for using the Poultry Information Center. If you have any questions regarding the Poultry Information Center, please feel free to Contact Us. If you wish to report an error, Spam like content, etc. or give us a Suggestion/Comment on improving this system, choose the "Reports/Comment" tab.

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