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Article last updated: Friday, July 20th, 2010


Bio-Security is important to practice on any farm, not just chickens. It helps to keep birds and animals on the farm good and healthy. Now, by practicing Bio-Security doesn't guarantee that your birds/animals wont get sick, but it reduces the risk. Now, because this site is mainly about Chickens, I am going to be talking about practicing Bio-Security on a Chicken farm. If you don't have a Chicken Farm, that's okay, because practicing Bio-Security on a Chicken farm is pretty much the same as doing it on any other type of farm.

Why Practice Bio-Security?
Simple. Your birds will have a much lower risk of getting sick. While practicing Bio-Security isn't very appealing to some, it still is a good idea to keep your birds well and healthy.

When visitors come around...
While some of your visitors may not even know they've been around sick birds, they may have. It's always a good idea to keep visitors out of your Chicken coop all together. Whether they are good friends, someone looking to buy or any other reason, you shouldn't allow them in the coop. If you think it's necessary, you may want to put a DO NOT ENTER, BIO-SECURITY IN EFFECT sign on your coop. Whether you're selling or just showing off your birds, instead of bringing the live bird to them, you should use pictures instead. Then, if they are buying and decide to buy, you can go get the bird yourself and bring it to them. The FORUMS are a great place for showing off your birds to others, and those looking at your birds online can't spread any disease that they may have on their farm.

Buying Birds
When you are buying birds from a licensed dealer, they usually also practice Bio-Security. Eg. Performance Poultry says so here! Usually if the dealer practices Bio-Security then when you get your birds they wont be sick. But what if you're buying from someone local, who you're not sure if they practice Bio-Security themselves or not. Well, no matter who you're buying from, to be sure the birds that you are buying are completely healthy, try this. When you buy the birds from someone else (dealer or not), it may be a good idea to put the birds you bought somewhere else than your chicken coop(s) full of healthy birds. If you don't have a separate building for them, maybe your basement will work. When you put them in a different location, put one or two of your current birds with the birds you bought. Now, of course it would be very bad if they did get sick, but at least it's better than losing your whole flock.

So, while Bio-Security isn't the most fun thing to do, it still reduces the risk of your birds getting sick.

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